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Underwear That You Can Throw Away

These products are made for women and men and give them the proper protection in the right areas on the body. A wide rang of styles and sizes can now be found to work with any lifestyle and body type.

There are a vast variety of styles to serve a multitude of needs and purposes. The styles will vary depending on if they are to be used during the daytime or for overnight protection. The diaper style for instance is generally used for those who are bedridden or non-ambulatory. This adult diaper style is designed for those who have total loss of bladder and bowel control. Pull-on styles of disposable underwear work great for those that need moderate to heavy protection that are still active. Both of these styles of undergarments can protect against light to heavy incontinence and bowel problems.

The heavy-duty styles are great for overnight protection against accidents. These are made with a double layer for better absorbency. The outer layer of the disposable underwear helps to prevent leaks, while the inner layer absorbs moisture. The outer layer also helps to keep away moisture from the skin trapping it in the center layer. By helping the skin to stay dry can greatly reduce rashes and other skin irritations that can cause infections.

Throw away underwear is a wonderful alternative for those that like to travel. Instead of wearing undergarments that have pads that are sown into them and that have to be laundered, disposable underwear can be thrown away. Those with bladder control issues like the convenience of not having to worry about doing laundry while on a trip.

Since it is underwear that is thrown away, they are more hygienic. Underwear that has to be laundered can still contain bacteria in the material that can cause infections if the washing machine is not cleaned properly. Being able to throw the disposable underwear away will also help to keep odors at bay.

Changing a disposable undergarment is quick and easy after they have became soiled. There are a vast variety of fasteners that help the disposable underwear to stay in place. Some are simple pull up styles that have an elastic band around the waist. Other styles have snaps or sticky tabs that are located along the sides of the disposable undergarment. Since these types of disposable underwear are easier to change after becoming soiled, they also help to keep odor and the risk of skin infections down.

Choosing the proper throw away underwear will depend on the level of protection that is needed. No matter if one is active or has a more sedentary lifestyle, many manufactures make many different types of disposable underwear to fit ones needs.