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How to Make the Right Statement With Your Jewelry

Most people would want to have a good impression in front of other people. They do it using their personality, social status in life, and the clothes they wear and even with the use of jewelry. Jewelry is used to have a fashionable look while at the same time creating a right impression to other people.

Jewelry are also said to show your personality and according to certain research, people's impression is usually made in the first 15 seconds of seeing someone and that includes how the person wears, walks and talks. So how do you make the right statement with your jewelry? Here are few things how:

Statement Jewelry

Wear something that will show your personality. Having a customized jewelry can create the impression that you are really into details and that you want everything to be done as carefully as possible. It can also leave an impression that you are a well-mannered person since you are wearing a jewelry that has been made with perfection.

Handmade jewelry also helps in making an impression especially if it was done perfectly. Handmade jewelry is also one of the things that attract people to get closer to you and get to know you. They would want to ask everything about the handmade jewelry like who made it, why it was made like that or if you were the one who made it. This kind of jewelry can help keep the conversation going especially if you want to make a statement.

Color Coordination It is still advisable to know your color combination especially if you are wearing something that needs to complement the jewelry you are using. You need to know what colors should not be used when you are using the kind of jewelry you want. Choosing the right color combination between your jewelry and clothes can make an impression that you are the kind of person that likes to spend time having something as perfect as possible. Make sure that the colors blend together between your clothes and jewelry.

Jewelries are not just for show and style. It helps create and impression and the right one if worn effectively. Jewelries also symbolize your feelings, style, personality and even the way you want your life to be.

Remember, it's the first 15 seconds that creates and impression and we all know that you want to create the right impression. Creating a right impression for people can really help you in the long run just make sure to prove that their positive impression is the right one and the real you.