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Experience Comfort and Glamour With Nike Dunks

Nike Dunks is synonymous with the sneakers industry. These shoes are trendy and artistic and are the latest colorful creations of Nike. The latest innovation in luxury shoes has made Nike gain a place at the top. This goes to prove time and again that their brand is the best and they are capable of introducing trendy and classy shoes to cater to the elite masses.

Nike Dunks is elite and classy footwear which was introduced in the early eighties. This is done with an intention to cater to the needs of the basketball players. When it is basketball, America has the greatest number of sports lovers. Nike hit the button at the right moment, grabbed the opportunity and came out with premier footwear for basketball and sports lovers. When you talk of basketball, you talk of Michael Jordan. He was the one who really made the game interesting and this opportunity was seized by Nike to promote their brand of shoes under the name Nike Air Force. From the time Nike Dunks has been launched, there have been variations to this brand and the design has undergone changes for about 21 times. This has been done keeping in mind the changes in the fashion industry and also keeping the youth in mind.

Initially simple rubber soles were used for making the Nike Dunks. This was done with an intention of attracting basketball fans. With the changes in the likes and preferences of people, focus has now shifted from basketball to skate boarding. This sport gained popularity during the early nineties. With the changes in the preferences of the people, Nike also started introducing footwear which would suit both basketball as well as skate board.

There are similarities in these sports. Nike identified this and at the right time introduced their new brand Nike Dunks SB. This was a roaring success. Both skate boarding and basket ball calls for swift feet movements combined with a strong board grip. Nike Dunks SB was successful in achieving these. The thin canvas along with the robber sole of the old Nike shoes was successfully replaced with zoom air soles and cracked leather. The outline was double stitched. This gave the shoes a stylish and classy look. A bloated tongue was added along with some multicolored designs to enhance the look of these shoes. Nike dunks comes in about 65 varieties. The multicolored designs catches the attention of the public and everyone wants to wear a chic look, which Nike is able to comfortably provide.