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Business Coach - How to Become One

"I am going to become a business coach", seems to be the mantra many are chanting these days. With global economic crisis hitting the job market this seems to be an easy way to make some dough. What could it take to become a coach after all, a few clichéd sentences, a high-flying attitude, designer clothes, good networking skills and you are all set to become one. Simple, isn't it? Well not quite. While with the above "qualifications", you might succeed for a few days; it might not be long before people start calling your bluff.

Becoming a really successful business coach requires skill, determination and hard work- just like any other profession. There is no coach out there who has made it by just faking his way up. I can challenge you on this. All the coaches you hear of are minting money, true, but they are minting money because of their precise expertise. So if you want to get into business coaching the first thing to remember is this- there is no short cut to success.

To start off in the right career path, take training from any reputed coaching academy. You could take short courses or even a postgraduate program. This will give you the essential skills for becoming a business coach. This will help you understand the various ways in which a problem can be approached; the kind of coaching that has helped others etc. You can, of course, devise your own methods in future, but this will give you a foothold on what has already been done. You will have case studies and you will present your own papers. Thus you will be able learn from experiences of others while at the same time you will be developing a very important quality for any coach- confidence.

In many ways the business coach is just like any other coach. He motivates and guides. He is the invisible hand pushing his client in the right direction ant the same time he also warns the client of the dangers ahead. He should be shrewd enough to study the competition and device effective strategies. These strategies are what will make his client succeed. He does not hesitate to criticize when necessary and he does not hold back compliments when deserved. He is the mentor and he takes his role very seriously. He is confident, yet ever willing to listen. He works as a team with the client's business.

A good business coach keeps in touch with his peers so that he keeps abreast with the latest in the field. He is always available for his clients. And yet he is strictly professional and does not delve into the personal affairs of the client. He does not gossip about the client. He is patient and he knows his mind. He knows he has the task to train the client in a specific field and his vision is clear. He knows that what is required from him depends on the client and is willing to be flexible. Thus true talent to become a coach comes from within.