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Adidas Oddity Candy 2010

As the summer draws to a close and the cold winter days are fast approaching us in the UK why don't you brighten up your style with a colourful fashion accessory? The sun may have gone for another year but you don't have to go into hibernation! The vibrant Adidas Oddity Candy range of watches will make you feel warm and you will definitely stand out of the crowd.

The collection of Adidas watches are based on bright colours and feature large digital displays with comfortable rubber watch strapping to wrap around your wrist. Flashy bright colours have been a big hit during the summer and many believe the trend will continue into next year. The collection also caters for traditional users and is available in white or black.

The new Oddity collection is fashionable and has been designed to target the active sports person. With the classic timer and water resistant feature, the watch is both practical and fashionable to a wide range of users. The range of colours makes this Adidas watch unique and different of other leading sport watch manufacturers.

Adidas is the leading European sports brand and over the past decade they moved into the designer clothing marketing with helped from Stella McCartney and Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. With classic designers on broad, Adidas have been able to offer users the Oddity collection.

The Adidas Oddity Candy watch has also been given excellent reviews in some of the leading printed and online style magazines. The Adidas Oddity Candy watches are both functional and superbly.

For all your pursuits this year, colour is a must and the easiest way to wear a burst of Adidas watch is to shop online!